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    1940 Single Harvest

    This wine pays tribute to three generations of Master Blenders who contributed to its prolonged ageing in the cellars. Across eight decades, generations of Master Blenders have left their mark on this extraordinary 1940 Single Harvest Tawny Port.
    As the first grapes of the 1940 vintage were being picked in the peaceful Douro Valley in late September, the Battle of Britain raged in the skies over Southeast England and London was bombed daily during the Blitz. An unsettled spring in the Douro had caused thinning of the crop, which was fortunate given that the summer was exceptionally dry, and the reduced number of grape bunches placed fewer demands on the low water reserves in the soil. Charles Symington, Graham’s Master Blender, has selected two of the few remaining casks of 1940 Tawny Port for this once in a lifetime release.
    Tasting Note
    The deep orange-brown colour reflects the concentration of almost eighty years ageing in cask. Complex aromas of caramel, praline chocolate, demerara and coffee roast are underpinned by a remarkable freshness. The palate is creamy, luxurious and intense with a long aftertaste offering layers of walnuts, citrus preserves and honey, while tea and tobacco notes linger in the glass.



      1952 Single Harvest


      W & J Graham & Co proudly marked the 60th anniversary of the Queen's accession to the throne with a commemorative bottling of Graham's 1952 Old Tawny Port.

      Given its ability to age over very long periods, Port has always been a wine associated with longevity. In 2011 W & J Graham & Co, together with Berry Bros & Rudd, took the decision that this exceptional Port should be bottled to honour the Queen in her Diamond Jubilee Year.

      For six decades, this Port has gently aged in seasoned oak casks, quietly bearing witness to Her Majesty's enduring reign. Generations of Graham's winemakers have accompanied the development of this venerable wine, regularly checking and assuring its progress on the long journey towards an ideal stage of refinement.


        1961 Single Harvest

        As Head of Winemaking, Charles Symington carefully accompanies the gentle maturation of all Graham's cask-aged wines. On rare occasions he selects a truly exceptional wine for a limited release, as in the case of the Graham's 1961 Single Harvest Tawny.

        Graham's 1961 Single Harvest Tawny is a special bottling of only three casks from the 1961 harvest, each cask producing just 712 hand numbered bottles.


          1963 Single Harvest

          This wine reflects the importance of complementary crafts and areas of expertise which are essential for shaping wines that are aged for decades. It celebrates true craftsmanship and elegance.
          This exceptional old Tawny Port brings together the finest crafts of Graham’s long winemaking tradition. It was made in one of the most celebrated years of the 20th century for Port – 1963. In this vintage, Graham’s produced both outstanding Vintage Port (aged in bottle) and Tawny Port (aged in oak casks). This 1963 Single Harvest Old Tawny Port has been aged in seasoned oak casks (barrels) for just over half a century and epitomizes Graham’s hallmark complexity, elegance and balance. The wine was made from grapes grown at Graham’s flagship Douro Valley vineyard in northern Portugal: Quinta dos Malvedos.
          Tasting Note:
          Intense, deep amber colour. This exquisite multi-layered wine reveals delicate citrus aromas with hints of honeysuckle, black tea and fennel. It is smooth as silk on the palate, showing hints of almonds and walnuts, fruitcake and a soft toffee undertone with a slight minty edge. The finish is unctuous, long and lingering.

            1969 Single Harvest

            Recognising the 1969 wine as truly outstanding, Charles Symington, Head of Winemaking at Graham's, selected it for a limited release.

            Graham's 1969 Single Harvest is a special bottling of only six casks from the 1969 harvest, each cask producing just 712 numbered bottles. Charles tasted each of the 21 casks of 1969 Port still maturing in Graham's lodge and selected the six he deemed exceptional.

            'I chose to bottle this Port now as I believe it has reached a remarkable peak of maturity and will offer great pleasure to those fortunate enough to be able to enjoy it. The wine has a very attractive golden-amber colour and still some garnet reflections in its centre. The aromas are quite exquisite showing delicate, floral qualities reminiscent of honeysuckle and undertones of soft caramel. It is smooth as silk on the palate, showing exotic spice, marzipan, walnuts and toffee.' Charles Symington, Head of Winemaking, Graham's Port

              1972 Single Harvest

              After the Symington family's acquisition of Graham's in 1970, the then head of winemaking, Peter Symington, selected the 1972 as their first single harvest for ageing in seasoned oak casks. Accompanying the maturation of this single harvest Port throughout his career, Peter passed it on to his son when he retired in 2009.


              Charles Symington, current head winemaker, tasted each of the casks handed down to him and selected nine for bottling. Each containing 712 bottles, this individually numbered limited release of 1972 Port is testament to the knowledge and experience passed down from generation to generation.

                1982 Single Harvest

                Graham's celebrated the birth of HRH Prince George of Cambridge with a special limited edition Port. Graham's has produced various exceptional Aged Tawny Ports in recent years, amongst them the 1961 and 1969 Single Harvest Ports, as well as the highly acclaimed 1952 Port that was served at Her Majesty the Queen's Diamond Jubilee lunch in 2012.

                Joint Managing Director Johnny Symington wrote: "The birth of a future King is an important date in British history. Port has traditionally been used to toast great occasions, so what better way to celebrate than with a bottle of such a very fine and rare Single Harvest Tawny Port. This wine is a real treasure and of quite outstanding quality."

                W & J Graham's is making a financial contribution from the sale of every bottle of this 1982 Port to a Douro-based charity called 'Bagos D'Ouro' which cares for underprivileged children in the region where this wine was made.

                Bottling of this Graham's 1982 Celebratory Tawny Port is strictly limited to individually numbered bottles and each is supplied in an individual box. A very few 4.5 litre Jeroboams are also available.

                In the UK, Graham's 1982 Single Harvest Tawny Port is available from Berry Bros. & Rudd, Fortnum & Mason and Hedonism Wines, amongst others. In Portugal this Port is available from fine wine shops as well as at Graham's own 1890 Lodge shop in Vila Nova de Gaia and in Graham's new Vinum restaurant. Graham's 1982 is also on the wine list of The Goring, one of London's most exclusive Hotels, where the Duchess of Cambridge stayed the night before she was married.


                  1994 Single Harvest

                  This wine captures the beginning of the journey, an apprenticeship to guide and mentor the new generation of future Cellar Master’s. The 1994 Single Harvest was one of the first Ports Charles Symington helped his father select for ageing in cask during his Port taster’s apprenticeship.
                  1994 was an outstanding year in the Douro, acclaimed for producing one of the classic Vintage Ports of the twentieth century. Besides the exceptional lots chosen for bottling as Vintage Port, Peter Symington made a selection of other outstanding wines sourced from Quinta dos Malvedos and Quinta das Lages, which he earmarked for long term ageing in seasoned oak casks for future release as old tawny Ports.
                  Tasting Note:
                  Amber brown Tawny colour, amazingly intense and deep. Rose petal, oriental spice and toasted honey, overlaid by sweet balsamic & dried fig aromatics. Full bodied, with raisiny berry flavours. Delicate toasted coffee finish. Beautifully fresh, very intense and lingering flavours. Shows superb structure, balance and finesse.

                    Graham’s First Flight 2003 Colheita

                    Produced a centenary after man’s first controlled flight in a heavier-than-air aircraft, this unique Port has been bottled to celebrate one of the greatest milestones in history.
                    Made in an excellent year that resulted in a classic Vintage Port declaration, the harvest also produced other very high quality wines, the finest of which were selected for ageing in wood.
                    The Graham’s 2003 Colheita is at a beautiful stage in its development, combining opulence, grace and complexity.
                    This Colheita is a Travel Retail exclusive Port.
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