Founded in 1820 by brothers William and John Graham, Graham’s Port quickly became known as a producer of exceptional ports. This success culminated in the building of the Graham’s Lodge in Gaia and the acquisition of Quinta dos Malvedos in 1890. 
In 1882, Andrew James Symington sailed from Scotland to Porto to work for the Graham family, thus beginning the long association between the families. In 1970, Andrew’s grandsons acquired the company from the Graham family, and have continued to grow its reputation for producing incredible ports.
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Graham’s wines combine the best of tradition with innovation in our pursuit of excellence. Using sustainable and minimal-intervention methods wherever possible, we strive to produce the finest expressions of our estates using indigenous grape varieties.

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Our vineyards

We source our grapes from four properties: Quinta dos Malvedos, Quinta do Tua, Quinta da Vila Velha and Quinta do Vale de Malhadas. Each brings its own unique characteristics to our wines.
Each year, the finest Graham’s ports are made in our specialist winery at Quinta dos Malvedos. Here, our winemakers are tasked with producing the finest expression of that year’s fruit – an approach that has lasted for over 200 years.

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